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Welcome to DAVID FLATAU's website.

David began writing songs for children when he qualified as a Primary School teacher at Wall Hall College, Hertfordshire. He taught the songs to the children in his class and to the choir at Hillside JMI School and Yorke Mead Primary School, Herts. He found them so popular that he decided to create a songbook and CD, which he called “Songs to Enjoy for Every Girl and Boy”. The choir which recorded these songs was from Wood End Primary School, Harpenden, under their conductor, the late Mrs Maureen Webster.

Soon news spread about the songbook via the press and other primary schools throughout Hertfordshire began to order copies. One of the songs, “Choc' Machine”, was performed at the Wembley Conference Centre, where a 1,000 strong choir of school children sang it before an audience of 2,000. The songs also found their way onto concert platforms at various school functions. Another song, “Learn the Green Cross Code”, won the Prince Michael Road Safety Award Competition, and was performed by the winners, Nelson First School, Norwich.

Later a second songbook was compiled, together with a CD, and copies of both songbooks were requested from countries as far away as Honduras, USA, the Czech Republic and China.

SONGS OF DAVID FLATAU NOW AVAILABLE ON www.youtube.com/dflatau     


Beautifully sung....posting lyrics of your song "Save Our Sharks" on our educational website......
The Shark Trust, Plymouth.

Piano magician and big hearted composer of childrens songs.......
Hrvoje Bartocvak, B.Mech.Eng. Zagreb Croatia.

The first I hope of many performances of "Escalator" in the South East......
David Murphy Conductor of the Verdi Sinfonia Orchestra.

I loved listening to your CD...I am not surprised those children sang with such enthusiasm. - the songs are very cleverly written, slightly unusual and delightful to listen to.......
Hilary du Pres

Composer of memorable songs and musicals....
Dimitri Smirnov, Russian composer.

Last night we sang "Children of Light" for the first time.... It is a delightful and beautiful piece.
John Tozer, member of the Bel Canto Choir in Toronto.

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have asked me thank you for your kind letter and wonderful CD recording of your own songs.
Signed...Mrs Claudia Holloway.

The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for the two songs you sent to her on the occasion of her 80th birthday. Signed...
Philippa Depass, Lady in Waiting.

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, greatly enjoyed watching the video of your musical "30 000 Buttons", and congratulates you on the expertise of your compositions.
Yours Sincerely,Martin Gilliat.

The Prince and Princess of Wales send you and your wife, their sincere thanks and good wishes and the tape recording of her most enjoyable performance of the song "Our Love", that you wrote for her.
Your sincerely, Hugh Daminion.

Your playing is sensitive and skilled. The pieces were well titled for their specific melodies. I was impressed with your talent as a musician.
Asher Tarmon, Israel.

With Choc' Machine being every child’s favourite, David Flatau knew he was onto a winner, when 1,000 primary school children, performed it at the 13th National Festival of Voices at Wembley Conference Centre.....
Herts Advertiser. St.Albans, Herts.

I hope that you enjoyed our Carol Service. Many people commented on how effective your carol was - it certainly added something special to the Service as a whole.
Headmaster R J Williams - St Peter's School.


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