David Flatau’s earliest songs were recorded by well known artists such as Nina and Frederik, and The Black and White Mintrels.
He has written many songs for children, which have been performed by schools through the UK, and include his musicals " 30,000 Buttons", and the "Rainbow Girl" video clips of these can be seen on his website.

The following compositions are currently available for purchase.
They are ideal for school orchestras, or adult semi professional orchestras.

Escalator for piano and orchestra.
Vln 1 & 2, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass....£15.00

Carolyn - Flute and Piano........£5.00

Reflections on the Water - piano and orchestra....£20.00

Walking by the Seine piano and orchestra…£20.00

Spanish Caprice - Piano Solo……£5.00

Spanish Caprice - Violin and Piano…£10.00

The following ballads require a high standard of performance.

Watercolour - v
oice and piano, E flat minor....£10.00

Do Not Go Gentle - voice and piano, G minor
Words by Dylan Thomas, music by David Flatau...£15.00

Ballads: Our Love - voice and piano D flat major...£5.00

Every Little Prayer - voice and piano F major and E flat major…£5.00

Long As Live - voice and piano F major…£5.00

Mary's Lullaby - piano and solo voice...£5.00

Mary's Lullaby - SATB...£10.00

Recent songs for primary schools include:
Little Red Ball, a fun song for cricket lovers,and “Save Our Beautiful World".
These songs are currently included in the revised songbook “Songs to Enjoy for Every Girl and Boy”...£12.00

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